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  Castello di Gabbiano Chianti

"Gabbiano Chianti DOCG is a traditional blend of primarily Sangiovese grapes, but also includes small amounts of Canaiolo, Trebbiano, and Colorino grapes.  The DOCG designation means this Chianti meets the rigorous winemaking standards set by Italian law and guarantees that the wine is produced using the highest quality of traditional winemaking methods.  Only 21 zones in Italy have the prestigious honor of being recognized as meeting the DOCG requirements. 

After aging for six months in large stainless-steel tanks, the Gabbiano DOCG wine rests for another six months in the bottle before being released. 

Winemaker’s Notes
This wine is clear, bright and ruby-red in color.  The bouquet is reminiscent of ripe plums spiced with pepper and wood nuances.  The first sip reveals invigorating flavors of sour cherry, blackberry, and spice followed by a dry vivid finish.  This Chianti is bold enough to complement rich and spicy pasta dishes, and is also perfect with tangy chicken or gourmet pizza."
Source: www.gabbiano.com

Bottle: $9.99
Case: $105.00

  Castello di Gabbiano Chianti Classico

"Gabbiano Chianti Classico is a traditional blend of primarily Sangiovese grapes.  The DOCG designation means this Chianti meets the rigorous winemaking standards set by Italian law and guarantees that the wine is produced using the highest quality of traditional winemaking methods.  Only 21 zones in Italy have the prestigious honor of being recognized as meeting the DOCG requirements.  Italian law also limits the location where Classico grapes can be grown.  In order to be classified as a Chianti Classico, the grapes must be produced in the heart of the Chianti region know as Classico.  The Gabbiano Chianti Classico vineyards are planted on slopes at 700 to 900 feet above sea level for excellent sun exposure. Plantings at this higher altitude allow the grapes to achieve a more delicate structure and to develop more pronounced fruit characteristics.  This wine is vinified with the skins for 12-15 days, then aged in oak casks for 12 months. 

Winemaker's Notes
This classic Chianti is clear, deep dark prune red in color, with a floral bouquet reminiscent of pressed violets. The wine also exhibits a unique blend of the pleasant aromas of berries and the classic Chianti aroma of tobacco. It is bold and spicy on the palate, with rounded blackberry accents and smooth tannins. A well balanced body and structure, reveals the exquisite traditional taste.  Enjoy with roast pork and risotto in a mushroom sauce or braised meat with stuffing.  Perfect for serving with crusty bread and aged soft cheese."
Source: www.gabbiano.com

Bottle: $12.99
Case: $140.00

  Cecchi Chianti
"Chianti is produced in the area outlined by the appellation regulations of production of the provinces of Siena, Florence, Arezzo, Pisa and Pistoia. These areas of production are typically representative of the Tuscan hillside, which has been particularly suitable since olden times for the production of prestigious wine. Chianti Cecchi represents today the optimal marriage between the Chiantigiana tradition and a technical innovation, which has brought about noticeable improvements in quality standards. It is characterized by a red ruby colour, which tends towards granite red when aged. On the nose it is intensely aromatic and vinous with notes of violets (mammola). On the palate it is harmonious, dry and slightly tannic. Chianti Cecchi is well matched to food, especially suitable with salamis, hams and white meats. When aged it is well paired to roasts, grilled meats and game. Best served at a temperature of 16-18°C."
Source: www.cecchi.net

Bottle: $9.99
Case: $105.00

Cecchi Chianti Classico
"Chianti Classico is the flagship wine of the Cecchi family, which fully represents the family’s tradition and history. Even today it is the key player of the entire production. The estate has always believed in the Chianti Classico denomination, which is why it has implemented various research programmes. The aim is to deepen the technical knowledge, which will enable an optimum realization of its productive potential. The varieties involved in the vinification of Chianti Classico include 90% Sangiovese, the remaining 10% are Canaiolo and Colorino Toscano. The vinification process and ageing which is carried out in selected wooden casks, guarantee a well-structured, elegant wine, which permits our Chianti Classico to be superbly paired to roasted and grilled meats. It is characterized by an intense, ruby red colour, which tends towards granite with ageing. On the palate it is harmonized by a dry, full-flavour. On the nose it is full, rich and vinous, characterized by hints of violets (mammola?). Suggested serving temperature 18°C."
Source: www.cecchi.net

Bottle: $12.99
Case: $140.00

  Ecco Domani 2003 Chianti

"Sangiovese is the main grape component of Chianti, one of Italy’s best known wines. Our Sangiovese grapes originate in the hills between the Provinces of Siena and Florence within the renowned Chianti area of Tuscany. This area is known for a warm, sunny growing season, with substantial temperature differential between day and night. Such conditions produce flavourful, rich grapes. The cultivation of these grapes can be traced back through the centuries to ancient Greece and Rome. In fact, the word Sangiovese is derived from Latin "sanguis Jovis," or the blood of Jupiter. Ecco Domani Chianti is a brilliant ruby red wine that is dry, yet balanced, fresh and fruity.

Winemaker Notes: The grapes were harvested upon full maturation during the middle of September. The wine was vinified using an average maceration time of 8 to 10 days. Temperature control (28-29C) during fermentation was monitored to encourage attractive tannin levels and the clear, ruby color, while maintaining the rich fruit aromas characteristic of the Sangiovese grape. Upon separation of the juice and solids, the wine remained in stainless steel temperature-controlled tanks until March of 2004.

Tasting Notes: Ecco Domani Chianti is a clear, ruby-red color, with a deeply fruited bouquet of cherries and fresh red fruit entwined with spicy, peppery notes. This wine is lively and fresh on the palate, with soft, rounded tannins followed by a long, fine finish. The fresh, well-structured character of this wine makes it an ideal complement to all types of pasta, hor d’eouvres, and red or white meats."
Source: www.eccodomani.com

Bottle: $11.99
Case: $130.00

  Ruffino Chianti

"90% Sangiovese, 10% Canaiolo from grapes grown in the best-known regions of Chianti.  The grapes are harvested between the first week of October and the end of October.  Alcoholic fermentation, aided by racking and punching down, continues for 12 days at an average temperature of 26/28 C in temperature-controlled stainless-steel vats.  Once malolactic fermentation is complete, the wine rests in stainless-steel vats until bottling.  The alcohol content of Chianti Ruffino is 12%

Sensory Properties: Color - somewhat pale ruby red; Aroma - complex with flowery notes of sweet violet and fruit notes; Tasting Profile - good structure, pleasing well-balanced with good length on palate."
Source: www.ruffino.com

Bottle: $8.99
Case: $95.00